Achieve perfection in USA-made micromedical plastic injection molding solutions

AMS Micromedical has more than 35 years of experience in creating plastic injection molded micromedical components. Our plastic injection molding capabilities fulfill virtually any need with ultra-precise, ultra-durable prototypes, and engineered plastic components.

Outstanding plastic molding and assembly capabilities

Our extensive micromedical plastic injection molding experience, unique expertise, top technology and best-in-class materials allow us to design, create, and assemble advanced devices including over-molded components made from engineering grade thermoplastics. We design and construct tooling in-house and maintain strategic partnerships with leading tool makers to ensure optimal precision and accuracy in your medical device components. Our late model all electric presses accommodate any production need. Plus, we can provide you with the exact number of individual or assembled components you require—from 50 to 250,000+ pieces.

Consistent results bring continued satisfaction

Your ultimate satisfaction remains our first priority. We never lose sight of your unique requirements, specifications, budget, and timeline. Custom injection-molded plastic components from AMS Micromedical bring the results you, your organization, and your patients require. Contact us today to learn more.

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