Engineering experts bring ideas to reality

AMS Micromedical offers product development design services for advanced micro devices that improve and enhance the medical industry, dental industry and several other key industries.

Specialized expertise and assistance simplify every step

Our development engineers employ a proven, phased approach in generating concepts, specifications, detailed designs and prototypes that help you create a fully realized product ready for manufacturing. Whether you require a USA-made medical device manufactured from stainless steel, titanium, plastic or another material, AMS Micromedical’s extensive micromachining and plastic injection molding capabilities fulfill your exact requirements

Save time and money, stay competitive

Partner with the engineers at AMS Micromedical to develop and manufacture USA-made micro medical solutions with absolute precision and quality. Plus, enjoy shorter time-to-market and time-to-revenue schedules and improved ability to adapt to ever-changing market demands, thanks to AMS Micromedical’s Wisconsin-based facilities. Contact us or request a quote to begin a truly rewarding relationship.

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