A history built on problem solving and precision

Since 2011, AMS Micromedical, LLC, has created, manufactured and provided the medical industry with micro medical solutions that solve even the most difficult problems and challenges with unmatched precision.

Founded and headquartered in Sparta, Wisconsin, by engineering expert Tom Arendt, AMS Micromedical brings engineers and medical device professionals worldwide the custom, ultra-precise, USA-made micromedical products they demand.

AMS Micromedical was originally a division of Plastron Molding Corporation (also located in Sparta, Wisconsin), which has served the dental implant field, automotive aftermarket field and other industries worldwide since 1997. In early 2011, Arendt and partner Leo Malin, DDS, formed AMS Micromedical to focus specifically on serving the medical device and dental implant fields.

A constant focus on creating a healthier future

Today, AMS Micromedical stands out among medical device companies, creating advanced micro devices and components for every medical application. In 2019, AMS Micromedical built a 29,000-square-foot, cutting-edge, ISO-certified and FDA-approved manufacturing facility to better accommodate customer and overall industry demand. AMS Micromedical proudly offers advanced product design, product development, prototyping, finishing and outstanding customer service.

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