Solving problems, embracing challenges

AMS Micromedical leads the micromedical industry with high-precision micro machining, CNC Swiss machining and injection-molded plastic components that solve even the most difficult problems and challenges.

Custom, ultra-precise, USA-made micro medical solutions

Our founder, engineering expert Tom Arendt, has always possessed unique vision and skills to manufacture products that change lives and advance medicine. He established AMS Micromedical in Sparta, Wisconsin, to bring engineers and medical device professionals worldwide the custom, ultra-precise, USA-made products they demand.

Today, with additional insight from partner Leo Malin, DDS, AMS Micromedical offers industry-leading product design, product development, prototyping and finishing backed by outstanding customer service.

If the world needs it, we can manufacture it

We proudly create advanced micro devices and components for every medical application in our 29,000-square-foot, cutting-edge, ISO-certified and FDA-approved manufacturing facility. If the world needs it, we can manufacture it—better, smarter and with optimal quality and precision.



We create high-precision medical device components ranging in size from .1 mm to 20 mm using a variety of micromachining tools including CNC machines and Swiss turning machines. Materials commonly used include stainless steel and titanium.


Plastic molding

Through plastic injection molding, we create custom engineered plastic components in quantities of any size. We also offer assembly of plastic components.



Thanks to advanced finishing technologies including a state-of-the art laser engraver, every medical device component possesses the final touches and precise features our customers desire and require.



Our development engineers help shape ideas into fully realized micro machine products through concepts, specs, designs and prototypes.

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For selecting a contract manufacturer, we evaluate three requirements: quality of product, delivery time, and price. We have found AMS Micromedical to meet and exceed our expectations in each area.